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Smooth as a Baby’s Bottom

You know that I love my ipsy bags, my makeup, and anything that I can use for a pamper night. I mean, what woman doesn’t love a good at home facial, mani/pedi, and hair mask? I freaking love them! Check out my Instagram for face mask selfies—the blue ones make me look the most fun.

There’s something about treating yourself to something indulgent that makes you feel amazing. Even the most tomboy, rough and tough girl will tell you that it’s so great to relax and enjoy feeling beautiful.

Guess it’s no surprise that one of my best friends eventually came to me with a hook up for amazing skin products. She said she tried them, loved them, and wanted to connect me to her rep (and friend). Of course I said yes and I’m really glad I did.

*this is not a paid or sponsored post–I just like the stuff*

Laura turned out to be super sweet and found the time on a road trip to see family to mail me a sample of the Rodan and Fields micro-dermabrasion paste, anti-aging night renewing serum, and the anti-age lip renewing serum. Sounds like a lot of big words but let’s run over how they worked, shall we?

The Micro-dermabrasion paste you simple apply to a dry face and rub gently on your skin for 30-60 seconds. I rocked a full 60 cause I’m a badass like that. After you’re done scrubbing you simple wash off your face. The scrub is just that-a scrub. It’s rough and gritty and I in NO way expected to wash my face off and feel baby’s ass smooth skin…but I did. Like legit really seriously smooth skin.

After that you apply the anti-aging night renewing serum which went on like a primer would…smooth and hydrating. I don’t have a bad thing to say about it and it sank into the skin leaving it feeling soft but not oily or slick.

The lip renewing serum was an unexpected bonus to my sample. I applied just a little bit to my lips and they feel hydrated, though I can still feel the product on them. For me at least, it didn’t sink into my lips the way I wish it would have. It’s not uncomfortable or oily, and maybe that was the point, but it did leave a barrier on my lips- a chap stick like feel.

I’m not going to lie, the products do come with a price, but if this sample proves as great as I think, it’s worth it. Also–the sample has plenty for more than one application so I was able to test it more than once, which was great.

If you are interested in the products or in getting a sample and trying them out for yourself you can contact Laura James (she’s pretty awesome) at or visiting her website. If you hit her up let her know I sent’s always nice to create new friends and I’d love to help her out.

Again…this is not a sponsored post and if you purchase anything I get absolutely nothing, I just want to help her grow her business if possible. Now me and my baby’s ass smooth face are going to go and eat breakfast.


The Love of a Good Man?

So lately there’s been a lot of discussion on my Facebook feed about how the love of a good man can change your life. I don’t doubt that finding yourself in a happy, loving, healthy, respectful, and trusting relationship can improve your live, make you happier, make you feel a little more stable and settled, but the whole ‘change your life’ thing kinda unsettles me.

Change it why? Change it how?

Why should a man, a woman, a relationship change your life? What was wrong with it before them?

I much prefer the word enhance. Don’t you?

I have never had a guy come into my life and make it better. Make it worth more. Make me ‘whole’.

Maybe it’s because I haven’t met ‘the one’ yet –whatever that means?

I don’t think so though. I think it’s because I am building a life that I love. I’m shaping the woman I’m proud to be. I’m evolving, changing, and growing-I’m learning and challenging myself.

I’m happy already.

I’m whole already.

I’m better day by day.

I can’t imagine a life where I wait, only doing the bare minimum to get by (or grow just a little) knowing that eventually the ‘love of a good man’ will change my life and make it better.

Again, I know that finding love, finding a true partner, and finding somebody who makes you feel understood, love, safe, etc is a huge part of lifelong happiness for a lot of people. I’m not even throwing it out the window as a big part of my own life. I’d love to find that some day. What I am saying is don’t count on it.

That’s right. Don’t throw your eggs in the “he’ll come around and it’ll all make sense then” basket. Be proactive. Be badass. Be fearless. Be an Indie Chick (or Dick) and make yourself happy. Create a life you’re MORE than happy to live. Create one that fulfills you and fuels you and that you can be satisfied with if they never come along…because they may or may not.

Be happy with yourself. Love yourself. Push yourself. And if they come along and compliment (note I did not say ‘complete’) you then that’s fantastic.

What do you think? Agree or disagree? Love to hear from you.

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