Let’s Catch Up

Hey gang! Long time no talk, but it’s only because I’m either working or having an insanely active social life (yay!!). Don’t laugh, it’s true, I actually do have a social life lately. Shocking, I know.

I had some tasty Halloween drinks while carving pumpkins and hanging with the incomparable Kat. My goal was turn my pumpkin into a stunning Mockingjay. I failed but at least I did so epically. My pumpkin broke off, I fixed it with toothpicks, and my bird was physically incapable of flight with the body I gave it. It was sad, but it was fun.

Hell, they even got me to watch some scary movies. I have now officially seen Saw 1-3. I had nightmares, mind you, but I was a brave big girl. Yay me.

10454304 10204836278328536 6246020230537145305 n Lets Catch UpHowever, it was my Sunday that was truly epic. It’s the day that I found Indie Chick on the shelves of Barnes & Noble, had lunch with my sisters, and went to a wine and candy pairing at a local winery. Yup, it was an amazing day!


IMG 20141019 115537 1024x1024 Lets Catch UpFirst stop was clearly to Barnes & Noble once I realized the magazine was on the shelves, selfies were taken and posted with the required #ICselfie tag and the smile was not going to come off my face.

You’d think I’d be less of a geek about finding it there, but I wasn’t. My sister and I went to the counter with our copies (or two each) and got a bit of a strange look. The clerk asked “Okay, what’s up with this magazine?” It was my great pleasure to let her know it was my company’s magazine. I’d say it was a highlight of my day, but my day was pretty amazing.

Follow that up with a lunch at a farm to table restaurant with a killer turkey chili and turkey burger sliders while chatting with my sisters, yeah, it was great. The lunch was made more memorable by a completely random horse and buddy that was cruising the parking lot taking shoppers from one side of the shopping center to the other, with no explanation. Amazing.

After lunch we went to a wine tasting we were all really excited about. We picked up our complimentary wine glass, complete with little bat decal, and went to the tasting tables. Luckily for us it was chilly, windy, and completely outdoor (they really need a sarcasm font). Actually, that wasn’t the worst of it-the wine was awful. I was honestly shocked by how nasty sweet the majority of the wine was. Add to the sweet wine the candy we were supposed to pair it with-literally a goodie bag of snickers, tootsie roll, laffy taffy, and the like-and it was just kinda nasty.

My sisters and I all agreed we weren’t a fan of the wine tasting experience but it was still great to spend time together.

That was one crazy weekend, but it’s not to be outdone by the ones to come. I have game nights planned, heading to Atlantic City to see Motley Crue, a Fleetwood Mac concert and flying to NC for an Indie Chick partner weekend all in the next week.

I gotta say, it’s nice to have a life again, one that isn’t all work and has a bit of balance. A part of that balance is talking to you guys more. Look for me…I’ll see you soon.


Times are Changing

I live in a YouTube haze most days. I’m kinda addicted to those short video snippets of people’s lives and inner thoughts. YouTube is a vehicle for comedy, social growth, and a community that is unique in and of itself (it’s like bloggers on growth hormones). There’s a beauty in seeing and hearing people while they share themselves, blogging 2.0. The problem with this, as with blogging, is that there can be a lot of hate, sexism, and ignorance on YouTube.

This was never more evident that it was last week when Sam Pepper was called out by his YouTube brethren, and YouTube viewers, for his blatant sexual abuse of women. If you don’t know what I’m talking about you should watch Laci Green’s video  at the end of this post (or just watch her videos in general because she is amazing). In the video Laci explains the fundamental issue with Sam Pepper and his prank/social experiment. The fundamental issue is that he is sexually assaulting women for likes, shares and laughs. Only sexual abuse is not a laughing matter and should never be treated like one.

The sad thing is that all too often behavior just like this is laughed at, found to be no big deal, and excused as ‘boys being boys’ or ‘in good fun’. I think one of the most horrifying parts of this whole ‘scandal’ is that SO many people are defending the video and calling the woman in the video “sluts who laughed about it after the fact” and who “liked it”. Let’s chat a second about the serious issues with that.

You have girls with a camera on them, being faced with an internet ‘celeb’ and trying not to act like they mind because they don’t want to rock the boat. That does not mean they are okay with it. Saying that if Brad Pitt or Johnny Depp did it, women wouldn’t mind is also ridiculous. Nobody’s body (male or female) should be touched without their consent. Period.

I can honestly say that I think the world is on the edge of some serious change when it comes to gender equality and basic human equality. Emma Watson is still getting internet buzz for her UN Women speech that she gave where the invites men to support the feminist cause for gender equality. She was eloquent and spoke from the heart. While she’s still getting death threats and hate I see many more rallying, standing up and saying they agree, and taking ownership of their feminism.

The word itself is losing it’s stigma, little by little, and women (and men) aren’t hesitating as much to identify as feminists. People are seeing the blatant sexism and unequal balances of gender and are speaking about it. Change comes from awareness. Every conversation helps. Every person who stands up to say that they won’t support a content creator (fancy name for YouTuber) who makes ‘prank’ videos where they sexually assault people, degrade people, make racist videos, or are homophobic armaking a difference.

Men can take the #HeForShe pledge, women you can be vocal about your desire for change, and everyone can be an advocate for the daughters, sisters, friends, mothers, and women of the world. Times are changing, be a part of it.

pixel Times are Changing