The Big Night

It’s my night to shine and I’m as giddy as girl before her first date. Tonight I’m hoping that I find my forever home and become a part of a family. I want this so much, to belong to someone.

No more lonely harsh lights and claustrophobic spaces, no more looked at and passed over….tonight could change all that. Man, I hope she doesn’t reject me. I hope she loves me, wants me, and commits to me.

He keeps telling me it’s a sure thing, or telling himself that anyway. He’s been trying to keep me a secret, sneaking time with me, and whispering, “she’ll say yes.” It’s sweet really, how nervous he is…as if it’s about him. It’s not. He only thinks it is.

That’s what they never understand….she already loves him or she wouldn’t be with him. It’s not about him at all, this night. It’s about me, it’s about her not rejecting me. I’ve watched so many of the others leave, with people that love them. I’ve watched them become a part of a future, a life, a love. They’re now a part of a family and I want that. I’m tired of being lonely.

I’m so nervous, more nervous than he is I think. I want her to love me so badly. I wait, listening to the frantic beating of his heart and hear the muffled words he’s been practicing for a while now. I hear them and know my big moment is coming. It’s time.

I come out, hesitantly making eye contact, afraid that I’ll see disappointment in her eyes. Instead I see it, the sparkle, the shine, the light of love that I hoped for. Hand over her mouth, and with a trembling voice she whispers “yes” and I have it…my home.


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Rescue Mission

I have no idea why I torture myself but I decided that this week’s Indie Chick Lit writing prompt should be a flash fiction one…for me at least. I shot for under 250 words and managed to come in just under that. It is so much damn fun getting to write again…I needed it. Here is my response to this week’s prompt: You’re given a super power for only 2 hours. What power is it and what do you do with it? If you want to try your hand at it head to our prompt page and join up, you have until Sunday at noon to link.


“This will wear off in a few hours and you have to be back here by then. Once this stops working I won’t be able to track you any longer…you’ll be on your own.”

“Dad, I know how this works.” I took one last look at the pill in my hand then tossed it into my mouth, swallowing it dry. Immediately I felt it, my muscles strengthen and my senses heighten. I’d need them both if I was going to get in and out of the compound with my mother in tow.

I had no way of knowing for sure, but I could only assume they’d have her sedated, weak. I couldn’t count on her to help us fight out way back out and that was if I made it to her. The pill made me stronger, faster, and smarter but it didn’t make me bulletproof.

As if sensing my doubt my father took my hand and squeezed it as hard as he could, a gentle reassuring pressure.

“I wish you didn’t have to do this. I wish I could do it for you, for us, but there are some things even the pill can’t strengthen.” Sadness filled his voice as he looked down at his withered legs and wheelchair.

I bent to kiss him, hearing his unsteady heartbeat, feeling the sheen of anxiety on his skin, and whispered,  “I love you. I’ll see you soon, I promise. I will bring her home.” 


pixel Rescue Mission