Cassi’s Forever

The lights strobed, making everyone’s movements look jumpy but Cassi didn’t mind. The alcohol and the small pill she bought for $10 off a chick in the bathroom made sure of that. Sweat trickled between her breasts, on display in a cropped corset top, as her body swayed on a crowded dance floor. Here there was no nagging mother, no asshole professors, and certainly no bullshit presentation due. Here, she stopped being Cassandra, the girl destined for med school, no here she was Cassi and she was free to lose herself.

A hand came to rest on the swell of her hip, just above the short plaid skirt she was wearing (an old school uniform skirt she had hemmed to a ridiculous scrap of material). She turned, sighing at the sweep of flesh against flesh-it felt magical. She looked into the glazed eyes of a blonde haired guy she’d seen here before. What was his name again? Zach? Brad? Ahh…what did it matter?

She slinked her body against Zach/Brad and allowed his hands to blaze a trail of electricity across her midriff. He was handsome enough in a slacker surfer kind of way. She briefly considered finding a dark corner and letting him fuck her then dismissed it. He was way too high to be any good to her.

“Be back”, was all she offered before winding her way through the sea of bodies and towards the bar.

The air got fresher as she reached the edge of the dance floor and she took a nice deep breath before walking through the empty space to the nearly abandoned bar. She pulled up to a stool in front of the bartender, asked for water-lots of ice, and waited.

Cassi reached across the bar, grabbed a stack of napkins and mopped her face and chest off then thanked the bartender for the water with a $5. Her body still moved to the music, which was nothing more than a steady drumming beat that sang in her blood. Her back against the bar, she watched the writhing crowd through flashes of light.

She could feel him, the man at the end of the bar staring at her. Could feel him but refused to turn and look at him. How cliché would that be…to feel him looking and follow the siren call? No, she was determined to ignore it. It would have worked too if it wasn’t for the slime ball to the right of her who skipped the hello and went right for cupping Cassi’s tit.

Cassi’s hand shot out, lightning fast. Gone was the buzz of booze or pill as she entered fight mode. The strobe light showed her lift her hand and the next flash of light showed the man holding his cheek. It was the next flash that surprised Cassi, though in hindsight she wasn’t sure why, he never could let her fight her own fights.

In one flash the man had stood there holding his cheek, in the following he was gone, and in the third the dark haired man who had been staring at her from the other side of the bar was in front of her.

“You know I had that covered. I don’t need you swooping in here trying to save me, Sam.” Purposely using the shortened version of his given name, Samael, because she knew it annoyed him.

“Yes, well, you shouldn’t have to. We’ve had this talk before Cassandra. I won’t allow any harm to come to you.”

“It’s Cassi.” She said through clenched teeth before slipping around him and towards the dance floor. Apparently she wasn’t the only one who could annoy with a name.

She knew better than to look over her shoulder, he’d follow her, he always did. She wound her way to the center of the dance floor, directly under the swirling ball that reflected the strobe lights-right where she liked to be-the center of it all. She welcomed the oppressive heat of bodies all around her. Enjoyed being lost in the oblivion of the crowd.

“What are you doing here, Cass?” Samael spoke into her ear.

Still not using the name she preferred, she ignored him. Sure it was childish but silence was one of the only things she could do, one of the only powers she had over him. Frustrated he grabbed at her hip, pulled her close, closed his hand around the back of her neck and forced her to look into his jade green eyes.

A chill swept through her, not from his gaze, but because his touch was ice cold. Fuck! No way did that moan escape her lips and she certainly didn’t push her hips towards his. She opened her eyes and saw the smile play across his lips before he could put it in check and replace it with his standard smirk.

“What’s it to you, anyway? I’m getting tired of explaining this to you, Samael. You do not own me.” Cassi took a step back- the distance helped, but not much.

“That is where you are wrong. I do own you, Cassandra. You are mine.”

Cassi turned towards him and in a measured voice she made sure she was clearly understood, for the last time.

“I will never belong to you. No matter what was promised to you by my twisted great grandfather in exchange for immortality, I am not yours. You mistake me for the meek women from your past. You shouldn’t.”

Fast, and giving away nothing in her thoughts or eyes, she whipped out the ornamental chopstick that was holding her hair up and viper fast she plunged in where his beating heart would have been.

Months of training had prepared her muscles to strike. She knew what had to be done to free herself and wasn’t sorry she’d done it. But she had a feeling the look of pain and betrayal on Samael’s face before the light left his eyes would haunt her for eternity-for her beautifully human eternity.

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The sexy stranger giving you ‘the eye’ from across the room approaches you on the dance floor. You’re hot, sweaty, and ready to get close to him so you grind closer only to realize…he’s freezing. What happens next? 

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The Big Night

It’s my night to shine and I’m as giddy as girl before her first date. Tonight I’m hoping that I find my forever home and become a part of a family. I want this so much, to belong to someone.

No more lonely harsh lights and claustrophobic spaces, no more looked at and passed over….tonight could change all that. Man, I hope she doesn’t reject me. I hope she loves me, wants me, and commits to me.

He keeps telling me it’s a sure thing, or telling himself that anyway. He’s been trying to keep me a secret, sneaking time with me, and whispering, “she’ll say yes.” It’s sweet really, how nervous he is…as if it’s about him. It’s not. He only thinks it is.

That’s what they never understand….she already loves him or she wouldn’t be with him. It’s not about him at all, this night. It’s about me, it’s about her not rejecting me. I’ve watched so many of the others leave, with people that love them. I’ve watched them become a part of a future, a life, a love. They’re now a part of a family and I want that. I’m tired of being lonely.

I’m so nervous, more nervous than he is I think. I want her to love me so badly. I wait, listening to the frantic beating of his heart and hear the muffled words he’s been practicing for a while now. I hear them and know my big moment is coming. It’s time.

I come out, hesitantly making eye contact, afraid that I’ll see disappointment in her eyes. Instead I see it, the sparkle, the shine, the light of love that I hoped for. Hand over her mouth, and with a trembling voice she whispers “yes” and I have it…my home.


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