Do You Have A Girlfriend?

Now introducing my most recent blogroll addition and one of my immediate favorites. You may have found her through my guest post I wrote for her on Tuesday but just in case you didn’t here is yet another way to stalk…I mean follow her. The Young Female Professional is a rock star! Why? She calls it like she sees it, gives great advice, and does so with amazing talent. I am stamping her with a 100% money back guarantee. If you follow her…you will love her…or your money back!


Jewel’s one post inspired me to write about a guy I met at a bar too…so I had to share this story as my guest post for her.

I was at a fundraising event for a friend of a friend. We were raising money for St. Jude’s Children Hospital, so it was definitely something that I would support anyway. Plus a seeing of my friends reaching certain levels of intoxication is always a pleasure to watch.

My friend Chuck was chatting with a bunch of his friends and he introduced me to all of them going down the row, “YFP, this is blah, this is blah blah and this is Leif.”

Oh hello there, Tall Drink of Water…why haven’t I bumped into you yet, I thought.

Leif had longer hair that brushed across his dark chocolate eyes, tall, bigger build, which as many of you know by now, is a weakness for me, and was smart. He was currently pursuing his Ph.D. at one of the local universities. And…I checked his left ring finger, and it was bare.

Throughout the course of the evening, Leif and I had a wonderful conversation. Visibly flirty, but professional at the same time, we talked about life, school, etc. Typical first date conversations. It was starting to get late, and it was a school night.

Leif leaned down so I was able to hear him in the noisy restaurant.

Leif: It was really nice to meet you.

YFP: It was really nice to meet you too. Would you want to hang out again sometime? (Oh hell no was I not leaving that place without his cell number).

Leif: Definitely. Text me when you get home.

Game on homes.
YFP: Will do. (As I gave him one of my million dollar, foxy smiles).

As soon as I got home, I texted him to tell him I was safe and sound in my apartment. He quickly replied back.

Leif: What are you up to for the rest of the night.

YFP: Well, I was planning on going to bed. Did you have something in mind?

Please say yes, please say yes, please say yes.

Leif: We’ll I don’t think you live too far from me. Would you want to come over and hang out? (Which is code word for make out, etc.)

YFP: Sure. I’ll be over in a few minutes.

I arrive at Leif’s place quickly, and walked into a very typical bachelor apartment. We sat down on his couch as we sipped on some beers. After some light conversation, the next thing I know, he kissed me. He is a fantastic kisser; I mean the kind that made you go weak in the knees. Normally, I would just go with the flow at this point, but when we stop to catch some air, I looked at him and asked,

YFP: You don’t have a girlfriend do you?

Now this is a total mood kill, I know. But how could a guy this hot, who’s getting his Ph.D., basically has most of his act together not have a girlfriend?

Leif: No, of course not.

Ok, awesome, back to the make out session. I’m still not completely sure why I asked the previous question, but he was hot and by that point I didn’t care.

Things are getting pretty hot and heavy as it goes on, (I’ll spare you all the details to keep this PG, but it was epically awesome). Then all of a sudden he stops.

YFP: What’s the matter?

Leif: Why did you have to ask if I had a girlfriend?

Well that knocked the wind right out of me. I began quickly looking for my exit options.

YFP: You have got to be effing kidding me.

Leif: We’ve been dating for a while, but things have been rocky. And you are just so effing gorgeous, and awesome, and you have your shit together.

Duh, I could have told you that.

YFP: I should go.

Leif: Look, its 3am. Just stay over, and you can leave in the morning.

He did have a point…and with the alcohol we had to drink after I got to his place, I was in no condition to drive down the block to my place.

YFP: Fine.

I grumbled, and rolled over into his cloud of a bed.

I left as soon as the train rolled by at 7:30am that woke me up. He grabbed me and kissed me before I left, but that was nothing but disappointment.

The story with Leif doesn’t end there. You’ll have to visit my site next time for the rest of this drama.

YFP Lesson: Gentleman, if you’re not happy with your current girlfriend, do yourself (and the girl) a favor and break-up with her before you start fooling around with someone else. If you don’t, you’ll be playing with fire, and yourself, in the end.

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34 thoughts on “Do You Have A Girlfriend?

    1. Glad you like it Rebecca. Yeah this guy definitely looked like Prince Charming, but obviously he was not…wait till you hear part 2!

  1. Very true.. guys (or girls) who use a rocky relationship as a chance to “sample” others, to see if there is anything better out there piss me off.

    Shit or Git is what I say.


    1. I sadly see it all the time. Even some of my friends are guilty of doing that, and it sucks. Grow a pair and break up with the person if you’re so unhappy or unsure about it.

      PS – I’d love for you to guest post sometime soon Mr. Simple Dude.

  2. This girl sounds like someone I should be following. I’ll be doing so immediately! And yes, you know how I feel on this topic after the slightly more dramatic Fireman debacle I had the displeasure of enduring recently. Dog move. Hate it!

    1. Thank you for the follow Random Girl! I’ll be following your blog shortly. Glad you like to post, and I have a feeling there will be more stories coming out like this now. Hopefully this is a wake up call for some people!

  3. HOLY SHATNER! I have to say that I think the male gender in general is just missing the point. This is why I am so very close to swearing off the Penis Patrol all together and just dating my vibrator.

    1. HAHA! Sometimes I feel like doing that too, but it’s women as well. I have seen plenty of my guy friends get dicked over by women who play chicken to break up with someone.

      But yeah…guys are definitely missing a common sense chromosome somewhere lol

  4. Too many guys are douches. (I’m a guy so I can say that, like that would stop anyone)

    Have a girlfriend or a wife, why bother to mention that?

    Hitting on someone else’s girlfriend or wife, why not?

    yeah…makes me embarrassed for the gender.

  5. I don’t have anything to add to this, so I’ll just say AMEN.

    But it works both ways. I know a lot of girls that HAVE to be in a relationship, so they won’t leave one until they’ve found a suitable replacement…

    1. Some women are definitely like that, I’ll agree, but not all of them. I ended a relationship last spring, and I have been single since. But men and women are both guilty of that.

    1. Hahahaha! The long hair he had…kind of reminded me of Leif Garrett from back in the day. I mean…what are you talking about YoungmanBrown?! ;-)

  6. Argh. I hate it when people find replacements for the person they are dating WHILE they are still dating them. It is so shitty.

    You live down the street from him?

  7. What a let down…………men and some women can be so thick at times you need to be completely out of one relationship before you jump into bed with someone else…………

    1. EXACTLY Jo-Anne. People don’t realize you need a break for yourself between relationships to heal and to not bring baggage into your next relationship. It’s unfair to you and to the other person involved.

  8. Sorry to hear how that turned out. He should have been honest up-front. However, the red flag for me would have been him making you drive over to his place. If I were in his position, I would have driven over and picked you up before I let you leave your home that late. I’m not saying it’s a deal-breaker or anything, but I just don’t believe men should appear lazy or inconsiderate when trying to get with a young lady.

    1. I wouldn’t have thought twice at driving over somebody’s place that late. Interesting point of view there Q, I wouldn’t have considered that. Enlightening.

  9. I can relate to this. I dated this guy. I am pretty sure, he had a girlfriend at the time. He text me to keep in touch. I was like, pass. I do not want any drama. I do not understand why guys do this.
    If they are unhappy, they should break up with their girlfriend.

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