Hockey Guy Update

This is the body hockey can give you!


So, time for an update on my dating/love life. At the end of my last installment (click to read if you have no idea who Hockey Guy is) I was debating giving my number to a guy who reached out to me on Facebook. I finally decided that I would give the 26yr old hockey player my number. What is there to lose, right? He’s young, he’s cute, he knows me, he thinks I’m hot, he plays hockey…I mean what are the negatives there?

A couple days went by without him contacting me and I was fine with that. Honestly my Aunt had passed, family life was insane, and I didn’t have time to talk anyway. Then the other night he reached out at the perfect time, I really needed a distraction. I was a bit bothered at first since he reached out through text instead of a call…but quickly got over it for several reasons. One, I’ve been playing phone bouncer, not allowing my grandmother to talk to many people because she gets too upset. Second, the text was easier for me to handle as I had immediate butterflies in my stomach.

Butterflies, me! This does not happen often to me, but for some reason it happened with him. I think it had something to do with the fact that I knew this guy, hadn’t seen him in so long, and had him pop out of nowhere. It all felt very romantic to me. This was further reinforced when the texts started. I told him I was surprised to hear from him after so long. He responded that he’d thought of me recently and then saw a recent picture I posted on Facebook and said, “Damn, Jewels’ is looking good” and wanted to get in touch.

I was oddly flattered. He went on to say that when we met back on ’07 that he had a hopeless crush on me. Back then I have to admit it would have been hopeless. I was 26/27 and he was 20/21 and in no world would have age margin have worked. Doesn’t mean I never thought he was cute, because I absolutely did.

So, HG (hockey guy) tells me that he thought I was gorgeous but that he was afraid to make any move because he figured I thought he was just a kid. I’m flirty by nature so he admitted that he loved talking to me and spending time after the games with me. He played for a different team than the guys I went to see and he told me he used to wish I went to see him and not them. (Awww) He even admitted to having had a dream about me, cheering him on, and rushing into his arms after a win but woke before he could kiss me. He said he’s never forgotten that dream. I was totally smitten at this point. Who doesn’t love being told they are desirable, been admired this long, and made a lasting impression like that.

So, he said he hoped he’d matured enough that contacting me now wasn’t a total waste of time. It sure didn’t look like it was a waste of time. All this time carrying a flame, an age gap I could live with, a 26yr old hockey player’s body, still played hockey, seeming to have his shit together. Yeah, looking good.

Then came a “Can I be frank with you for a minute?” I stifled my “I’d rather you just be HG” comment and said yes.

He answered with, “I’ve wanted to bury my face in your cleavage since ’07.” I laughed. I laughed because I was stressed and I needed it and after the sweet things he said I allowed a divergent thought…plus I get it…my boobs rock. I made the mistake of telling him I thought that was hilarious.

Next thing you know I know the convo has taken a turn towards a younger man’s stamina and how he always though if we got together that I’d “rock his world”. Well…you have to admit it’s all true. The flirting was a nice escape from my grieving household so I didn’t object to it but didn’t encourage it. Suddenly I get a “I have something for you”…wait for it…wait for it. Yup…there it is. A dick pick!

Well, not “the dick pic” exactly, but a tented short picture of him looking down at his “pup tent” while lying down in bed. Awesome, huh? Ugh…and then the butterfly feeling in my stomach turned to nausea. Why? Why couldn’t this have led to an actual date? Why did it have to take this turn? I swear I was so disappointed.

Luckily I had @Ida_homie to cheer me up by sending me random twitpics of men with tented shorts (hilarious!) and @RandomGirlBlog to tell me to just go for it. So, I texted a friend of mine who is in a “drought” as I am…told her the whole run down from “aww” to “ugh” and she said… “Uh, Jewels, ride that man.” I told Miller the situation and he answered with “Be careful, I don’t want him breaking your heart.” I laughed at his sweet self and answered, “The only thing I want him to break is my… *you get the point*” He laughed and told me to go ruin the kid for all other women.

So, am I bummed that this guy didn’t turn out to be what I wanted him to be? Yeah, I am. Could he still be something more…sure I suppose but it looks unlikely. Will I meet up with him for drinks if he asks? Yup, sure will. Will I fall into bed with him if it looks like that’s where the night is heading? Damn straight I will. Why? Cause I’m a grown ass woman with needs and this kid man be just what the doctor ordered. That my friends is where I am right now. I’m okay with that right now. I’ll keep ya posted on what, if anything, takes place now.

*Note, this post was written a good time ago now so there have been some new developments since this. I shall be updating you on those soon, probably.*

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42 thoughts on “Hockey Guy Update

  1. Well, he is still a kid. Maybe you should groom him a little so he doesn’t make the same mistake twice?

    When I was in my 20′s, younger girls liked those kinds of pictures. I think, as people mature, you need more to ‘do it.’ Point that out to him?

    1. He is a kid and I don’t think I would have responded so strongly against the picture if I hadn’t been plagued by a rash of them lately. Woe is me, right?

  2. Heck 4 years is nowt. Me and Paul have 12 lol!

    I hope you went for it with this guy and didn’t let one little pic ruin a chance at happiness

    1. I’d have purchased a lot of new phones recently if that were the case. I am okay not getting those anymore but honestly he’s not a bad guy.

  3. i say don’t worry about the picture. for whatever the reason, EVERY guy is going to want to send you a picture of his wang. i say just roll with it and keep going, you never know what you’ll be missing; and you know the next guy’s gonna want to send you a pic of his dong too…

  4. Cant wait for the update. Was going to say maybe he read your post about the dick picks and was joking… But i derno… :wink:

    1. Love your take on it and that is exactly where I am too. I’m going to have some fun and not worry too much. I refuse to tell Miller that you think he is right though…it’ll go right to his head. ;)

  5. We both know Miller has a point and that he will tell it how it is and you need that so take his advice the man nows what he is taling about :lol:

    You know I thought of a good idea next time a guy sends you a dick pic that you really don’t want, here it is have a dic pic on your phone and send it back to him with the reply you showed me yours so I will show you mine………… :lol: :smile: :razz:

    1. He does have a point and while not always what I want to hear he usually doesn’t guide me in the wrong direction.

      lmao I’m not sure I want people thinking I’m a tranny. haha.

  6. Oh. My. GOD! What the fuck is it with guys thinking that the best way to woo you is with dick pics?! It’s like a Kavorka curse or something! I know how to cure this though. We need a gallon of olive oil, eight heads of garlic, an old priest and a young priest. And then we share perform the ceremony to free you of the dick-pic-vorka, darlin’.

  7. I hope you went for it and I hope it went well. He’s been frank with you, let him make a mistake but be frank with him too. NO MORE DICK PICS PLEASE!!

    1. I agree. The direct approach is the best approach. Somewhere along the line somebody needs to tell them how unflattering and ineffectual they are.

  8. Oh, poor, hopeless guys. They just never understand that sending a woman a pic of your dick is not on the same level as a woman sending you a nudie pic. It’s just not.

    Also, don’t discredit the whole 26/20 thing. That’s the exact age the wife and I were when we met. Now I’m 28, she’s 22, and life is amazing. HOWEVER, she’s a very mature 22, and did not send me a picture of her boobs just before our first date, so that also says a lot…

    1. I’m not discounting the age difference more the maturity levels. Then again it seems that men of all ages enjoy showing off their goods so apparently that isn’t a relevant way to gauge maturity.

      Glad your wife restrained herself from sending pics of her goodies before the first date…after is totally acceptable though. :)

  9. I still say go for it! The boy toys serve a purpose. I am a fan. Is it a bummer that he can’t just be a stand up guy that wants to date you and then maybe do you? Yes and no. Just take it for what it is. Like you said, you are a grown ass woman and if he can meets those needs and you can keep it in rec league zone, than I say GAME ON!

    1. Ask or at least gauge the woman’s interest. As no point did I ask about his state of arousal or size…after such an inquiry I can understand picture proof…but men rarely wait for that…just click and send. Ugh.

  10. I’m such a boring old lady! It never even occured to me to say Go for it! till i rwas everybody giving you that advice. I was still giggling at the image of tje tented underwear pic!

  11. LOL! Oh man. You’re awesome! Despite the disappointment, you’ll go out with him because you can! love it! and i gotta say..nothing makes me happier than to see you used Kesler’s photo! yummers!

    1. Kesler is pretty delicious, yes. ;) I knew you’d appreciate that. This was an old post that was re-tweeted and the hockey guy has since faded away but it was fun while it lasted.

  12. Why, for the love of gawd, why do guys send pictures of their penis? Really? It’s not attractive, it doesn’t turn us on. Women are visual creatures in person, not over the phone. Ugh…boys. Anyways, I can totally relate Jewels. Quite a few guys have told me they’d dreamed about burring their face in my cleavage. I laugh every time. Can’t wait to hear the exciting conclusion!

    1. I’ll just never understand it. In person is a much different thing but men and their penis pictures need to stop. I still laugh that my Guide to Dick Pics is one of my most popular posts and most searched keyphrase. Men out there need to read it…so that’s a good thing.

  13. Oh. My. Gosh. LOL..I can see where this is going and I’m just going to be the voice of prudish reason.

    I don’t understand why the guy couldn’t at least wait until you had at least one date before showing off his package.! RED FLAG! Sorry. Don’t want to sound like someone’s mother.

    “he was afraid to make any move because he figured I thought he was just a kid.” But yet he had no problem showing you his dick ? Wow, strange case of shyness.

    Then he talks about nuzzling your breasts. All of this is done via text. 2nd RED FLAG!

    He’s juvenille. Although, sometimes he sounds kind of romantic.

    Ok, he’s a juvenille romantic..

    Having said all that, I’ve gone out with much worse. LOL.
    Hope it works out.
    Keep us posted!

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