I’m Expecting!!

No, you didn’t read the title of this post wrong. I am, in fact, expecting. Putting this into words is not easy so I decided to ramble my announcement instead. Thank you in advance for all your support…you know this isn’t what I expected, or even wanted, in my life…but it’s what is happening and I know you’ll rally behind me.

Thanks for watching and loving me, always.


So…since it’s been a little while since posting this I am going to ruin the ‘surprise’ and start linking up some details here for you. Indie Chick Lit can be accessed to browse our Tour Host information, our Current Tour information, as well as our Author Services tab.

If you want to join our book tour hosts then click on the linked TOUR HOST above. If you want to check out the book we are reading for our first tour you can link to the CURRENT TOUR above. If you are an author who may want to promote their book with our company you can click on Author Services.

Please note: even if you don’t meet all the qualifications for a book tour host in terms of following and page views, please still apply. We can work with you over time to get those up.

Also note: If you are an author and want a pricing break down you can get those by filling out the application and contacting Chrystal at chrystal@indiechicklit.com.

I hope to see a lot of you as blog tour stops and enjoying our free books, prizes, and awesome writing prompts.

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15 thoughts on “I’m Expecting!!

  1. Very cool idea! I absolutely love this. This kind of site is the exact site that we need to unite talented Indie authors with the readers who would absolutely love their work but don’t know how to otherwise find them. So yes, we’re both looking forward to this website. The potential for this is endless.

    As things would have it we’re currently writing a love story with a very strong female character as the lead and would love to test it out with this kind of site. We’ll be sure and apply when applications go live. Keep us posted. And we’d be happy to pimp this new site out on our blog and send more readers your way, regardless of application.

    1. Bryan and Brandon,

      SO happy to have your professional author feedback. The site is live for you to take a look at, though not 100% done it’s operational and the applications for authors and book tour hosts are live. The link for our Author Services is <—there. Check them out and we’d love to take a look at it.

      Once we have badges we’ll be sure to send one over if you’d like to use it to point people our way. Otherwise feel free to point authors and readers towards the site now as we’d love to begin recruiting the tour hosts ASAP!

      We are thrilled to be offering this service to readers, writers, and authors and are REALLY excited to see how far it can go. I’m glad to hear you guys are on board!

      1. The new site looks great. We’re still a few weeks away from finishing the new book, but we’d be happy to pimp out the new site in coming weeks. We can wait for that badge to come, depending on how long that might take.

        Also, in looking at the application, since things are called products and packages, do they cost money? If so, how much? That part seemed a bit unclear.

        1. Yes, the tours/packages do cost money. The pricing isn’t listed because we’re not accepting everyone who comes our way and want to screen first but if you are interested in the up front pricing you can contact Chrystal at chrystal@indiechicklit.com. :)

          I will let you know as soon as those badges are ready, promise. Thank you for being so open and willing to help us out. It’s MUCH appreciated. in the meantime if you think of anyone who is perfect you can email me names or you can direct them to the site…it’s live for all intents and purposes just not fully launched yet with new content etc.

  2. Congrats! Pushing a blog out of your vag seems a lot easier (to me) than a crotch-parasite.

    Speaking of, my wife and I are actually ACTUALLY expecting a bebeh in August. Fuck me sideways.

    Looking forward to checking out your newest baby soon. Congrats!

    1. Blog babies are definitely the only kind I have time for…but AHHHH!! CONGRATS! That is amazing. So happy for you and the wife!! That’s huge and exciting and way more life changing than my baby…though I’ll still stick with the one that earns me $$ instead of costing it. ;)

      Seriously though…CONGRATS

  3. Okay, so for a moment, I was really thinking you expecting a human child. Nice twist, my friend, nice twist.

    And I love books. Especially free ones. I’d love to help out and read books and review and help out with the blog tours. Sign me up. :o)

    Also? You (and everyone involved in the baby making) totally rock at doing this. What a huge undertaking this must be!! You are definitely one bad-ass chick and I can’t wait to see all your hard work come to life!

    1. I emailed you so you can get some more details about the tours. I CANNOT wait to work with you on them!! :D

      Thanks for the kind words and sorry for the trickery but I had to make sure that people clicked to watch it. hehe. I’m an evil genius.

  4. Okay – I HATE THAT. Don’t you EVER do that to me again!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!! All that sh*t aside, good luck with your launch… I have seen Indie Chick Lit around already… Love Love. XOX

    1. No little bundle of joy for me like you have (and oh my gosh is he handsome) but it’s still a baby in it’s own right and I look forward to loving her a lot. SIGN UP!!! Free books! YAY

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