ipsy review

Ipsy Review

So, if you don’t subscribe to my Facebook, twitter, or especially YouTube channel, you probably missed the launch of my very first unboxing. Just in case you missed it…here’s the video with all my goodies. I promised you my ipsy review the following weekend, so here it is.


So, I will review them in the order that I unveiled them in the video!

Mai Couture Highlighter Paper

This is a great bag item, not only is it a great value but also a fantastic product. It’s not quite a bronzer as it is…well like the name implies, a Highlighter. It’s a soft peach color with a high gold shine that adds a bright effect wherever you put it. I used it on my brow bone, the apple of my cheek, and under my lip to add full definition. I LOVED it. After all that the paper still had PLENTY on it and that means that those 25 sheets are going to go a really long way. While I would probably never pay the actual amount for this product I’m definitely happy that I got it in my bag and will have it for a while.

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on Eyeliner

I’m an eyeliner whore, but I usually go for gel liner, as I discussed in the video. That being said I loved this liner. It not only went on REALLY smooth, no pulling on that sensitive lid skin, but it also stayed in place despite a bit of sleepy eye rubbing. It’s a solid dark black that covered well, no relining needed. Seeing as my old black liner pencil I travel with is getting old and dry I’ll be putting this in the bag and repurchasing when I run out. It’s affordable and cruelty free. Love it.

Mirabella Eye and Face Primer

This primer was silky smooth and a little bit went a long way. I don’t know that it necessarily did more than prep my skin, the same as any other primer, but it worked just fine. Seeing as it was free I have no complaints and will definitely be using the rest of this product. Not a bad addition to the bag at all. PS-I was wrong in the video…full size price was $14.

Nyx Ultra Pearl Mania in Sky Pink

This is a bit of a pain since it is loose and not in a container that you can get a brush into, but it is really pretty. Like I said in the video there isn’t much of a pigment to it but there is a nice shimmer/shine to it. It covered well, didn’t flake and fall off. I did use it on my brow bone and in the corner of my eyes and it brightened things up a lot. It’s an affordable cruelty free shadow and while I may not be purchasing this color, I’m sure I will be getting more of this brand’s eyeshadow…though probably not the loose ones.

Be a Bombshell lipgloss in Hot Mess

Like you see in the video the color is…a lot to take in. I don’t hate it but I certainly wouldn’t be purchasing it. I was happy to find that the gloss wasn’t sticky, didn’t have a strange taste or smell, and wore well though. I prefer lip gloss to lip stick and this one was a good quality with the shine you want without the sticky mess. In a shade I got to pick I’m sure I’d enjoy it a lot more. FYI- the lipgloss price is¬†actually¬†$14 not $12 as stated in the video and they do NOT test on animals though that doesn’t necessarily make the cruelty free. They can still claim that and test the individual ingredients on animals…I think.


So, for my very first ipsy bag, a monthly makeup subscription, I am thrilled with it. I think that much is evident by my glowing ipsy review. I am already excited for January’s bag. YAY! I got my confirmation on Friday morning that my Kara’s Way box (all natural and cruelty free makeup) is on it’s way. Not only do I get one but they ship another so I can use it as a giveaway! Stay tuned so you can win some goodies.




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6 thoughts on “Ipsy Review

  1. Glad you liked it. I had the same issues with the Nyx powder. I loved the primer as I’ve never really used one before and it’s something I’d buy again. I wasn’t a fan of the lipgloss. I think the color had a lot to do with it. I also felt it was kind of tacky, but that could be because I put a lot on because I wanted a deep color. It’s definitely something I’d put over a red lipstick.

    1. The color was special but in another shade I don’t think that I’d mind the brand at all. The primer really was smooth and very nice though. I’m a fan.

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