Times are Changing

I live in a YouTube haze most days. I’m kinda addicted to those short video snippets of people’s lives and inner thoughts. YouTube is a vehicle for comedy, social growth, and a community that is unique in and of itself (it’s like bloggers on growth hormones). There’s a beauty in seeing and hearing people while they share themselves, blogging 2.0. The problem with this, as with blogging, is that there can be a lot of hate, sexism, and ignorance on YouTube.

This was never more evident that it was last week when Sam Pepper was called out by his YouTube brethren, and YouTube viewers, for his blatant sexual abuse of women. If you don’t know what I’m talking about you should watch Laci Green’s video  at the end of this post (or just watch her videos in general because she is amazing). In the video Laci explains the fundamental issue with Sam Pepper and his prank/social experiment. The fundamental issue is that he is sexually assaulting women for likes, shares and laughs. Only sexual abuse is not a laughing matter and should never be treated like one.

The sad thing is that all too often behavior just like this is laughed at, found to be no big deal, and excused as ‘boys being boys’ or ‘in good fun’. I think one of the most horrifying parts of this whole ‘scandal’ is that SO many people are defending the video and calling the woman in the video “sluts who laughed about it after the fact” and who “liked it”. Let’s chat a second about the serious issues with that.

You have girls with a camera on them, being faced with an internet ‘celeb’ and trying not to act like they mind because they don’t want to rock the boat. That does not mean they are okay with it. Saying that if Brad Pitt or Johnny Depp did it, women wouldn’t mind is also ridiculous. Nobody’s body (male or female) should be touched without their consent. Period.

I can honestly say that I think the world is on the edge of some serious change when it comes to gender equality and basic human equality. Emma Watson is still getting internet buzz for her UN Women speech that she gave where the invites men to support the feminist cause for gender equality. She was eloquent and spoke from the heart. While she’s still getting death threats and hate I see many more rallying, standing up and saying they agree, and taking ownership of their feminism.

The word itself is losing it’s stigma, little by little, and women (and men) aren’t hesitating as much to identify as feminists. People are seeing the blatant sexism and unequal balances of gender and are speaking about it. Change comes from awareness. Every conversation helps. Every person who stands up to say that they won’t support a content creator (fancy name for YouTuber) who makes ‘prank’ videos where they sexually assault people, degrade people, make racist videos, or are homophobic armaking a difference.

Men can take the #HeForShe pledge, women you can be vocal about your desire for change, and everyone can be an advocate for the daughters, sisters, friends, mothers, and women of the world. Times are changing, be a part of it.


34 Reasons to Smile

The years are passing pretty swiftly and I can’t believe that last week brought me into my 34th year. I’m feeling more excited and thankful than ever before in my life and I decided to share some of the reasons why. Be sure to share your own in the comment section!

  1. I’m alive, and really that’s all I need.
  2. I’m learning and growing more everyday, as a person and a business owner.
  3. The Indie Chicks is growing by leaps and bounds.
  4. My family is excited for, and supportive of, my company and while I would still be doing what I’m doing without it, having their support feels amazing.
  5. My loved ones (family, friends) are all healthy, happy, and thriving and I’m so happy for all of them, their accomplishments, and their joy.
  6. I am finding more time to write, for me…and may even be able to crank out a book in the next year!
  7. Which is because I’m finding a balance and managing my time a lot better! YAY.
  8. Sleep…I’m getting it! I know there will always be a To Do list waiting when I wake up, but getting rest is essential to a productive me.
  9. The biggest smile came when The Indie Chicks reached their IndieGoGo campaign goal 2 hours before my birthday, making it the best birthday and greatest present EVER!
  10. Which means there WILL be a Fall print of The Indie Chick!!
  11. AND, we’re going INTERNATIONAL with our first ever run in Australia!! OMG International, baby!!
  12. I actually enjoyed my summer, getting some sun and color so I won’t be transparently pale all winter long…well not right away at least.
  13. They’re making a Sharknado 3. Enough said.
  14. I have discovered a super classy love of Prosecco.
  15. Music…oh my gosh, such great music lately!
  16. I’m going to see Motley Crue in their farewell tour in Atlantic City and am so ready to rock.
  17. I’m also seeing the entire Fleetwood Mac lineup! Concert heaven for me.
  18. My allergies are behaving and I’m happily rocking the open windows and outdoor living. YAY for managing the sneezing.
  19. I’ve got the world’s most motivated, inquisitive, and eager interns and they make me smile with their enthusiasm.
  20. I can decorate for Halloween soon and that ALWAYS gets me excited.
  21. I’ve made time for friends a priority…again, the work will always be there and it’s important they feel loved.
  22. I also wrote an article for my friends, and it makes me smile every time I read it. You should, too…then send it to your friends.
  23. I’m getting better at eating before 2pm, something I struggle with since I just don’t get hungry. I’m already noticing a difference in my energy levels.
  24. It’s Fall and that means I can get out my Fall candles and hand soap & I love them!
  25. While in NYC we ran into a girl who said “Oh my gosh, I follow you on twitter” & I get emails from people who just ‘found’ us. Knowing we’re becoming known outside our immediate circle is so rewarding.
  26. I got Tyler Knott Gregson’s book Chasers of the Light: Poems from the Typewriter Series. Seriously, you should get it! I’m in love with it…like I am pacing myself and allowing only a poem a day because I never want it to end.
  27. YouTube…honestly, addicted. I cannot get enough of makeup channels or random challenge/game videos. It’s a problem and I have no desire to get help.
  28. I just binged on notebooks/journals and think I may do a giveaway with them soon–I have like 12 waiting to be filled, I think I can afford to give some away. Comment below if you’re interested in that.
  29. I’ve been branching out into costume/less expensive jewelry and statement pieces and loving it!
  30. Swapping out my summer purse for my fall one…listen, it seems silly but I missed my large coach bag during the summer months.
  31. I’m getting more organized with my makeup, with a grown up caboodle. Be jealous.
  32. It’s almost time for sweaters and boots…can we get a hell yeah.
  33. Have I mentioned our Fall issue of Indie Chick hits shelves early October and we will be in AUSTRALIA? Yeah, that, again.
  34. I’m smiling because of you. Because you read my words, support me, comment, and continue to come back no matter how long it is between posting. Love you for that.

That, my lovely friends, are the 34 reasons I’m smiling today. I’d love to know what is making you smile right now. Comment below and holler if you’re into another giveaway. icon smile 34 Reasons to Smile

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