Observations by Jewels: Some People

I’ve come to realize that some people are the success equivalent of ambulance chasers.

I’m not sure why this surprises me, but it sort of took me by surprise all the same. Yes, I have a successful online magazine. Yes, I have a print magazine on the shelves of Barnes & Noble (which you should totally go out and purchase by the way). No, you can’t be put in it because we’re loosely associated on social media. No, I don’t want to review your product, which you wanted to make me pay $80 for and then review for free. (Seriously–what the hell? So you want me to pay for your samples and then review them for free while promoting you? What world do you live in?)

The hands that have stretched out to me have been overwhelming. In fairness they’ve been overwhelming in good and bad. The outpouring of congratulations and genuine joy at my success with The Indie Chicks has been totally heart warming. I smile all day long at the stream of messages, tweets, instagram’d #ICselfies with the magazine, and text praise for what we’re putting out there. I’m so thankful for that.

What’s starting to wear on me is the one line “Congrats on the print magazine. I’d love to write for the next issue. How do I go about doing that?” Well, firstly, thank you. Second, of course you would-any smart person would want the exposure a nationally published magazine would give them. Thirdly, the fact that you are reaching out to me personally prior to going to our website for information on how to submit your site, social media links, and writing samples for consideration, lacks the commitment we’d want from our writers. Always do your research, it matters.

Speaking of knowing how things work…yes I love reviewing products, no I never get paid for them. Yes, I do occasionally get free products to try out and that’s a great perk to blogging. Well, unless it’s this product and this nightmare happens (ouch).  So yes, I will gladly try out your stuff, tweet about it, and rave in a post if I love it. No, I won’t pay you to promote you. What backwards world do you live in? Geesh.

Yeah, I know this sounds bitchy.

Sorry, not sorry.

We built our company on being social media accessible. Hell I built this blog and my own branding on being available to everyone. I LOVE talking to you guys. I WANT you to reach out to me; I do. I want you to get in touch with me. I will never be upset about somebody reaching out to ask for advice or help with a blog, with a company, or to pick my brain. I 100% will do that every single time. Why? Because mentoring and helping you get better is important to me. Collaborating and exchanging ideas invigorates me.

So yes, I love you. No I can’t just “put you in the mag”. No, it’s not personal. Yes, I want to help you grow your reach. Join our ICBlogger Facebook group for help. Yes, I’ll happily answer emails asking advice on things.

And for anyone tempted, Fall issue content has already been handed in and is being edited. Feel free to contact us about the Winter issue. icon wink Observations by Jewels: Some People


Before You Love Again


Before you love again I want you to remind you of a few things. First and foremost you are amazing and I’m proud of you for continuing to love openly and without reservations despite past heartache. You fought so damn hard to not get bitter and jaded, to stay hopefully romantic and yet open eyed about love. Sure, you struggled along the way, but you are here now and you’re ready for this. So, with that in mind please remember the following when you open up again.

This isn’t your first rodeo and you have to learn from your past but the men in your future are not the men in your past. Treat each man individually and leave the past where it belongs.

Keep your heart and your eyes open. There is no reason to be wary until they give you some. You know the red flags-don’t ignore them.

You are worthy of respect but don’t expect it if you don’t demand it. They’ll get away with what you let them-set the precedence for how you want to be treated early on.

You have a say in how the relationships play out. Don’t be so damn passive. Speak up. Ask for what you need. Communicate better or you’ll only have yourself to blame again.

You were strong enough to walk away before, and strong enough to stand alone, now be soft enough to allow somebody in.

You got this! I love you.



This has been a response to Chiara’s writing prompt at Indie Chick Lit. If you like it you should check it out, write your own, and link up.  It was also a follow up to the prior short fiction piece I wrote called Re-Write.

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