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Philly Accent?

I’m a PA girl, and while it is easier to tell others who are not from the area that I’m from Philly, I’m actually from a suburb just 10 minutes outside of Philly. Believe me when I say that 10 minutes makes a LOT of difference. Just like New York where one burrow has a different accent than their neighbor, Philly is the same. The most different are the South, North, or Italian Philadelphians. I am none of the above but that does not mean that I have totally escaped the Philly accent. In fact, I’ve had to work very hard to avoid having a¬†Philly accent.

Some of you commented that you didn’t hear much of a Philly accent when you watched my vlog so I’m here to clear the air. Check out the latest vlog and hear Jewels go Philly. Be on the look out soon for the blooper video of this one…it’s, well, it’s special! Enjoy.

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28 thoughts on “Philly Accent?

  1. Love your vlog! Very informative and pretty fun! I like your accent, or lack there of. I get accused of having an Ohio accent, I’m not sure exactly what that means, but considering it usually comes from my Texas friends that say “ya’ll” a lot, I don’t worry to much about it. I do say Soda vs. Pop which is almost unheard of for around here. And I refuse to use seen instead of saw when it’s appropriate, which my family refuses to get on board with and drives me beyond crazy!

    1. Everyone else has an accent to a Texan though Ohio is a random place to pinpoint. Silly Texans. I have NEVER in all my life called soda ‘pop’ and I never will. You stand strong on the ‘seen’ and so will I! Proper English will prevail. LOVE YA, doll.

  2. OMG we are so fucking in sync it’s madness–I naturally got comments about my fucked up way of speaking (I’m not even going to call it an accent because it’s some sort of ugly Irish Scottish Philly South Jersey child) and figured that I would discuss this in a video. I, too, made a conscious effort to not pick up the Philly/south Jersey accent as much as possible and that’s perhaps why I ended up absorbing more UK-ness even though I wasn’t there as much.


    1. No you did not!? Honestly, this is getting creepy. I don’t care what you call your accent…I call it awesome. It’s so much a part of who you are to me now that I’d be creeped out if it disappeared or changed.

      I am glad that you are enjoying the vlogs, doll. I cannot wait to see more of yours.

  3. Excellent vlog! I think I’ve noticed your accent on certain words, but otherwise, I think you’ve purged yourself quite nicely of the Philly accent. I just about died laughing near the end when you started saying random words in the accent – like “mayan” “egles” “flyas”, etc. with your corrections and “I don’t know why . . .” lol Accents are always good fun. :grin:

  4. Holy crap! I loved this video! I’m studying phonetics this semester, so I loved hearing you talking about the Philly dialect/accent! So fun! It’s also interesting how you have made such a conscious effort to avoid having an accent yourself. That doesn’t seem to be too common for people to live in a certain area and intentionally avoid “blending in” verbally.

    Anyway, I’ll stop geeking out on you, for now. :)

    1. Crap…is that why I have no friends? kidding. I think a large majority of the people in my area have escaped the strong accent. It’s just not as prevalent where I live. I don’t know that I’m that unique. I have always enjoyed standing out so saying water and not wudder is something that I did consciously do. I get odd looks now and again for using it but they’ll get over it.

  5. Accents are such a funny thing.
    It is the same here. Different parts of Aus have different accents and different words.
    Thankfully, we don’t all sound like Croc Hunter Steve Irwin

  6. My daughter has often been told she has an English accent don’t know why because she isn’t English…lol

    Mynx most Aussies don’t sound like Steeve Irwin…..

    1. That’s strange about your daughter but people tend to pick up accents and ways of speaking that can be strange sometimes….like my horrible and orange. Who knows.

      Sweet Mynx knows not all Aussies speak like Steve Irwin…she’s a fellow Aussie with you. :D

  7. Cor blimey, I’m cream crackered and that’s no lie. It’s bloody taters out there today, the J Edgar died and I had to pop down Wilkies for a refund.

    Now imagine that in Jason Statham’s voice, and you’ve got me.

  8. That was fun! Being from Michigan, I always wished I had a fun accent, like from Philly or down south. Michigan accent is just flaaaat. Well, I guess we excel in poor grammar, so there’s something :)

  9. I can definitely tell you’re from the Philly area! I love the accent, though like you, I tend to enunciate more than my fellow Philly folks. I sometimes say “wooder,” like if I’m not thinking about it, but when I conscious of it I say “wa-ter.”

    Love these accent videos!

    1. Awwww…so happy you like it. I was thinking of you when I made this going “I hope that she doesn’t think I’m a traitor to the area”…even if you have abandoned us. :D I was just at a gathering today and they said “Mayan” like 5 times and I laughed out loud each time. haha

  10. HaHA! Love it! The extra “W” sound where there is none! Tawk! We have the Newfie East Coast accent that’s dominant. It’s not boy, it’s “Buy”. “Whare ya to, Buy?” means where are you. And “Couldnts” is the Newfie word for leftovers. So funny!

  11. First, there’s no accent so thank you for purging it.

    Second, a lot of the accent that Philly has carries over from Jersey, in words like “talk”. My family in Georgia says they hear a NJ accent on me. But people from NJ say they hear an upstate NY accent from me. The only 2 accents that truly bother me are the Michigan/Minnesota and the Syracuse. Syracuse is nasally and that drives me nuts.

    1. Philly has it’s own special dialect but yes, it is a mix of jersey which is a mix of NY. If you are from the area you can distinguish between the states. I’m sure you can as well.

      …and you are welcome for purging it. ;D

  12. Good for you. You get water, not WOODER ice. You sound a lot like me (I’m from Connecticut). While I’m sure our accents can be detected by people from other parts of the country, I prefer to call it an “absence” of an accent.
    As far as women from Philadelphia, I agree with you. A LOT of them are attractive. But, I also know what someone means when they say she’s a “tough Philly broad.”
    Coupla things which are different between you and I: I put chocolate “shots” on my ice cream, not “Jimmies.” To me they both sound equally ridiculous. Better we should say “sprinkles.” I also have “subs,” not “hoagies.”
    But it’s all good.

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