Photo Bombing

I crack up every time I see a photobombing. For those of you who are unfamiliar with photobomb’ing it is a phenomenon where people jump into the background of a photo without the knowledge of the people being photographed. This has been happening since the age of bunny ears but it has really taken on new meaning as of late. Pictures and bombings are getting more brazen and crazy.

I’ve had it happen in photos that I have taken while out for a night on the town. I love when you don’t even realize it until much later or the next morning. I have a number of pictures where this phenomenon takes place but I’m too lazy to blur/block everyone’s faces so I’m going to use stock photos from Google Images…you’ll love.

come on now...this is hilarious!

These poor women, probably out for a girls night, have no idea that this man’s ass is being displayed proudly behind their heads. I can’t help but crack the hell up at this picture though!

A sweet family photo opportunity gone hilariously awry.

You see families in matching outfits on the beach or other scenic places all the time taking their Christmas card photos or capturing memories for grandma/grandpa but this one takes a new spin as soon as the boys step out to let the girls photograph alone. Boys will be boys I guess but this looks more like a jailhouse shower scene to me.

These ladies kinda had what was coming to them!

Per my instructions when I was named Overlord of the world all people pictured will be paying more for their drinks tonight but all the same this is pretty funny. Like I said, any women doing shots like this deserve the shit they get from men in the bar. They don’t taste particularly good so you only do it for the attention, therefore you deserve to be photobombed by a box licking shocker…even if he is SUPER creepy!

Tina Few photobombs Amy Phoehler at the Golden Globes.

Even the celebs enjoy it. The Golden Globes this year were so dull that it took moments like this just to keep people awake. You have to love Tina Fey and here scene stealing photobomb. This was only outdone by the hilarious Jesse Tyler Ferguson.

Eric Stonestreet has no idea what is going on behind him.

Hell this is such a craze that even the animals are getting in on it!

This cat is pissed at all the attention the new puppy is getting!

Do you photobomb people if given the opportunity? Have you been photobombed? Would you be the kind to get all pissy if somebody did it to you? Do you find it as hilarious as I do? I am hoping to do some photo bombing this weekend if the stars align and I’m able to get together with the amazing Kat from Kat O’Nine Tales for some Irish shenanigans. :) I promise to post them if I can get my hands on them.


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28 thoughts on “Photo Bombing

  1. Oh I can only imagine the photobombs that you and my sweet Kat will be dishing out this weekend. I’m very sad that I won’t be joining you girls for your Irish Shenanigans….I got a new green t-shirt and everything!!! Hopefully my local girls will be holding it down in your honor!

    1. I totally photobombed the shit out of some poor people’s photos! I laughed my ass off when people next to me saw me dive for the back of the picture and gave me the thumbs up. Too much fun.

  2. Photobombs KILL me!!! I have several from my stupid family, even one of my old Dad doing the huge shit eating grin arm stretched out “Here I am” as I was trying to take a picture of the christmas tree!My family thinks they are so funny…I should publish them all!

  3. Photobombing is fun, and I actually had one happen recently. I’m taking pictures with my kids, since I rarely ever see them, and we’re laughing and having a good time. Meanwhile, in the background, there’s a dog pooping on the grass.

    Well played, poochie. Well played.

    1. lol @ “well played, poochie.”

      They are the best when you don’t realize it right away and only find out later when you go through your pictures. They always make me giggle.

  4. I’ve been doing this for years, and with strangers no less… the photographers in the photos above are in on the “photo bomb” of course or they wouldn’t snap the photo.

    But in my cases I’d slowly move into the background and make a goofy face without anyone noticing it. Not until later when they take a closer look at the photo would it be noticed.

    They had it coming… I think people take too many photos anyway!


    1. People can take too many photos but I must admit to liking the photographic proof of my shenanigans.

      I pulled a couple covert bombs on St. Patrick’s Day myself and laughed my ass off about it.

  5. I guess Im slightly sheltered because I wasn’t really aware of this until like last year, bwhaha.. But it’s hilarious. We were at an Xmas party and a drunk guy in our party bombed a group photo, it was AWESOME! :)

  6. These were hilarious! And have given me ideas….
    A related photo modus operandi of mine…..I have a lot of pictures of me tying my shoe. In fact, I will post a few of these for the A-Z Challenge under ‘S’ (for ‘Shoe-Tying-am I just the cleverest dickens in the world?).
    Hee…hee…hee…I said DICKens.

  7. Oh, I forgot. We “photobombed” ourselves for the annual Christmas card. I took picture after frikkin’ picture of the kids and dog for our family Christmas card. After what seemed like forever, I got what I thought was a perfect shot. So, we had a hundred of them printed. When he got his, my brother called and said, “Nice card, but did you know the dog’s little orange friend was coming out to say hello?”
    Well, I looked and, sure enough…canine boner. And you couldn’t photoshop a Christmas wreath around it.
    I’m just glad it wasn’t my son.

  8. Photobombing is not a term I had heard before but hell I know what you mean I have a brother who will take every chance he gets to get his face in a photo. Now though when I saw the first photo here I thought of my daughters friend Scott who would show his bare ass in photos because he thinks it’s funny..

  9. This is hilarious. I was unaware of this even having a name, but now I know. Timing on some of these are very difficult and it’s always funny when someone times it perfectly.

  10. Brilliant photos. Haven’t been the victim of photobombing myself thankfully.

    Now you girls have fun on the weekend. Have a drink or two for me

  11. I think these are hilarious, but I don’t do it to people. I hate being photographed so would be unlikely to willing put my face in a pic. My ass maybe. I don’t think I’d be mad about it done to me unless I was paying some exorbitant fee for the images

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