Today’s post is going to be a bit of a hodgepodge of things but you’re over it and so am I. First I have to thank Speed Demon for her postcard this month! I am enjoying The Great Postcard Campaign in a huge way. It is one of the only pieces of non trash/bill mail that I get a month and I always look forward to it so much!

Next I have to share a ridiculous infomercial item that I saw recently. I am not debating the usefulness of a product like this but the infomercial itself and the fact that all they did was take a tube top and shove it around a chick’s middle makes me laugh.

Next I have to share with you my new favorite song and video. It is no surprise that I love the Hunger Games series and that I am a total dork for them. Hell, I even posted about wishing I had a pill to erase my memory of them so I could relive the magic of reading them for the first time over and over again. Yeah…I liked them that much. Anyway, this song is off the soundtrack for the first movie and I love the imagery from the books/movie that they snuck into the video. Enjoy Taylor Swift featuring The Civil Wars (love them!) and their new song Safe and Sound off the Hunger Games Soundtrack.


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18 thoughts on “Sharing

  1. Love your postcard. I need to post about mine too.

    Infomercials always make me giggle and then I see the things come through the post and cant believe people actually pay money for such silliness.

  2. “You’re over it and so am I”. Have I told you lately how awesome you are, darlin’? 😉

    I might have to bump up THG in my reading queue.

  3. Stupid ass work restrictions! I’m beyong obsessed with the Hunger Games. Have my ticket already. I’ll have to check out the song on my phone. And the infomercial, I sadly know which one it is by the mere reference of “tube top”. Seriously. And people buy this shit?! Ugh.

    1. Wow. I don’t have my ticket yet but I am anxiously and not so patiently awaiting it’s release. I really do hope you check out the song. I think you’ll like it.

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