Spreading Self Love in NYC

If you follow me on ANY of my social media accounts then I’m sure you’re aware that I spent Monday in New York City with my business partners spreading awareness about The Indie Chicks, Indie Chick Magazine, and our IndieGoGo campaign. It was simultaneously exhausting and amazing and I am still riding the high of it.

new york daily news, indie chick, indie go go, For those of you who aren’t aware, we are running an Indie GoGo campaign to fund our Fall print issue of Indie Chick Magazine. The lovely way that printing works is that payment is required up front payment (understandable) but Barnes & Noble won’t pay us for our currently print edition until after it’s shelf life (in September). So, we don’t get paid for current until after the Fall has to be printed. Which leaves us in a start up business limbo of needing help to fund this next one so we can get on a cycle of print/payment.

If our campaign is not a success we do not go to print, it’s that simple. So, we decided to get proactive and hit the streets to bring awareness to the mainstream media’s tendency to put women down and stress why our magazine is so needed-because we don’t. We got an amazing write up in the New York Daily News on Sunday to make people aware of our intentions for the next day, which was awesome. There’s something about seeing yourself in print that just gives you a jolt.

times square, new york city, the indie chicks, julie zantopoulos, indie go go We got decked out in black, pinned traditional headlines across our bodies with messages of self doubt, shame, and the message that you need to change and hit the streets. I’m not going to say it was easy to pin things like ‘TOO FAT’ or ‘LOSE 7 LBS” or other derogatory things like “STOP AGING” or “FIX YOURSELF” all over my body and walk the New York City streets from 7am-4pm but that’s what I did.

The  support was pretty amazing from everyone I talked to. People who came up to say “I agree” or people who came up to ask if they could take pictures of or with me and asked about our message and what they could do to help it along.

When push comes to show, my business partners and myself were not going to sit behind a desk and just ask people to give us money to save our magazine. We KNOW we have something phenomenal and we’re not giving up until everyone else knows it as well.

Chiara Mazzucco, Chrystal Rose, Julie Zantopoulos, The Indie Chicks, Indie Chick, New York CityChiara Mazzucco, Chrystal Rose, Julie Zantopoulos, The Indie Chicks, New York City, Indie Chick

The Indie Chicks, Chiara Mazzucco, Chrystal Rose, Julie Zantopoulos, Indie Chick, New York City


It’s hard to change the voice of media in an industry where women have come to accept the negative messages they are receiving from long established magazines. It’s hard to do it with a team of 3 women (no matter how determined, badass, and motivated they are). It’s not an easy task we’re taking on but we HEAR YOU when you say you NEED US. We believe that we are the voice that should be heard. We want to continue to be that…and so there we are, on the streets, hearts on our sleeves (and everywhere else on our bodies) asking you to help us.

PLEASE contribute to our campaign, share the campaign link, share this post, and spread the message so we can keep a positive voice for women #ontheshelves where it belongs!

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8 thoughts on “Spreading Self Love in NYC

  1. So proud of you guys for everything that you’re doing! You know I support you and the IndieChicks 100%

    It’s funny, I stopped subscribing to and reading Cosmopolitan years ago because every month was the same damn thing. ‘How to lose weight fast’ ‘How to please him’ ‘Look thinner with this makeup/clothing trick’

    It’s all bullshit.

    1. Thank you, Michael. I know we have your support and it’s so appreciated. It’s ridiculous the kind of messages most women have accepted from mainstream media sources. It’s time for a change!

  2. First I need a copy of this magazine how do I not have one. Oh right I don’t shop at barnes and Nobles will be fixing that this weekend. Second you guys rock taking to the streets way to go.

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