They are up in arms!

Men are like children. I could really stop the post here…enough said, but I won’t, I shall elaborate. The other night I was participating in the chat room for Q’s show on body modifications and plastic surgery. (If you haven’t listened in or participated in his blog radio shows you really should…they are awesome!) I ended up just about the only person in the chat room and the only woman who was participating much. I was surprised and a bit horrified by the things the guys were saying though.

The big topics for the night were Asian women getting eye surgery to open their eyes up and look more “American” and a guy who has been having surgery to lengthen his bones and give him more height. Those I understand opposing…they are extreme and dangerous. In general I don’t judge or get up in arms about how people chose to enhance themselves but when you go to extremes, look ridiculous, or are acting dangerously in the pursuit of beauty you better believe I’ll comment.

At one point the guys got very heated about booty pants and padding. I was so thankful I was just in the chat room and not on the phone live because I was cracking up at how ridiculous they were being. They were all screaming that it was false advertising and that it was unfair. Um, you are kidding, right? Yes, they just hate when we dress up and make the most of our assets, right ladies?

How incredibly misleading of her! How DARE she!

They loathe the way our tits look in that push up bra and our low cut shirts. They despise the way our ass looks in those jeans. They get livid at the way those heels make our legs look fantastic! They can’t stand when nuddie magazines airbrush women to remove cellulite. They despise how Victoria Secret models look during the live runway show every year because that isn’t all real. Yup…they hate it. Of course they would be up in arms about this topic. They are screaming false advertising but I have only one thing to say…it works!

If it works, we will continue to do it. The only time you realize these “assets” may not be real is when you have us in the bedroom and we are getting naked. Now, at that point I PROMISE you that they aren’t getting all upset and walking out of the room because we “mislead” them. Nope, they are sticking around for sure. They will still sleep with you, believe me ladies.

butt lift dare we!

The thing is they will go home, tell their friends, “Dude, she totally mislead me…but then she blew my mind in the bedroom.” And you best believe they’ll probably be back for more. Why did you blow their mind in bed? You blew their mind because you knew you looked hot and were working it. You felt sexier and hence became sexier and more able to enjoy yourself sexually. He can claim to be “horrified” by your false advertising but all women know that shit is tried & true; it has been tested and proven. They can hem and haw all they want but their feeble protests will go in one ear and out the other.

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56 thoughts on “They are up in arms!

    1. lol You really did. It was a bit ridiculous. If women didn’t use makeup, supportive bras, and clothes/footwear that highlighted our better features…well I don’t think they’d appreciate our lack of effort. They can’t have it both ways.

  1. Oh, this is hilarious, the notion that one of these guys would actually kick a girl like that out of bed.

    HOWEVER, I can think of one thing that is truly false advertising, that I would not be a fan of: those super girdles they show on TV. From a woman’s perspective, I ask you this: imagine you see a guy at the bar and he’s got a nice big barrel chest, a trim waist, and a nice ass. You take him home, and he says, hold on, I have to remove my girdle… when he does, the barrel chest and the ass is completely gone. His stomach flops out. He is the complete opposite of what you saw at the bar. Wouldn’t that be a huge disappointment?

    1. I completely hear what you are saying. I agree that to extremes it can be false advertising but a good bra, the right cut of jeans, the right shirt can mask some imperfections in a woman and that is NOT false advertising that is simply dressing to look your best. If we’re drastically changing/enhancing then I get it. Men just can’t have it both ways. They can’t want a put together woman & somebody who is 100x “honest”. You’d be amazed how much even simple makeup can change the way somebody looks.

      But back to your question-I completely agree if a guy took off a man girdle I’d be a. shocked as shit. b. more than a bit put off.

  2. Blew his mind? I think they were doing it wrong.
    And, yep, we’re like children.
    With five o’clck shadows.
    Ewwwww….I don’t know how you ladies can stand it.
    P.S. I love these emoticons.

    1. I enjoy the emoticons as well and adore that people use them as frequently as they do. :) They make me smile. You should have heard these guys…it was like a mini temper tantrum all upset cause we “mislead” them. I was cracking up. Anyway…moving on.

  3. I agree that things like heels and push-up bras help us feel and act sexier and I think are far from truly false advertising.

    I’ve always wondered about the girdle things too…like how do you break the news about that one?

    I’m curious though, do guys really hate the airbrushed models? Would they truly rather see the real deal on magazines and in movies and runway shows? Because it would do a hell of a lot for women in general if we could stop pretending we can look like that for real and stop feeling like it’s expected that we live up to those expectations. I think plenty of men really think we should look that perfect though, which just perpetuates the whole thing…

    1. I don’t think it is just men, it’s also the media. The same magazine with an actress on the cover will show a “bad” picture of her walking to get her paper without professional hair and makeup with a tagline that she’s “given up”. It’s ridiculous. As long as media & men idolize these women and gravitate towards the media’s ideal woman and “perfection” then how can anyone be surprised that women stuff themselves into push up bras or ass lifting jeans in the hopes of being a little more visually appealing?

  4. So I have encountered this a lot! I work with pageant girls and on stage they have lashes, padding, lifting, and tucking like you wouldn’t believe in what could be considered medieval torture devices.

    Then off stage they look like girls normal girls. People talk about how fake they are on stage. Well you talk to anyone in television and see what they look like on camera without the make-up. Ghosts that’s what.

    If guys are not BUILT they go to the gym. Why is it that they aren’t happy with themselves. I think a guy that has to work so hard to look like that is false advertising too. He will get old and bald and look like crap at 80 just like the rest of us.

    I will continue with the low cut shirts, heels, make-up, and whatever else I like! and realize they lie too LOL

    1. LOVE this comment! Men do the same thing, they get into the fashion trends that suit them best, get hair plugs, dye their hair, play to their physical strengths, and all that is fine. If we do it we’re “falsely advertising”. It’s ridiculous. All women are normal women. Nobody wakes up with full hair/makeup. I just thought it was so ridiculous that they were upset if they girl with perky boobs took off her bra and sagged. Should that girl go braless & sagging instead? Come the hell on!

  5. This is great, but I can only agree on one point: he won’t kick her out of bed. What happens after that depends. I don’t like “false advertising” if I’m looking for a mate. If she’s just a jump off, then once she gets in bed, then I could care less if she stuffs her bra or not because she’s not a long-term solution. But, if I’m looking for a significant other and she misleads me, then I have a problem with that. What else will she mislead me about if she can’t even be honest about her body.

    So, as a man, yes, I will sleep with her, but I doubt I’d keep her. I’m a guy who doesn’t mind imperfections on a woman. Just be honest about it. It speaks to character. Just my two cents. I wish you could’ve chimed in on the show though because as usual, you make great points!

    1. I love you Q but I’m not caving on this…I’m just not. You are saying if your wife got a better bra, a pair of jeans that lifted her ass a bit more, or lingerie that highlighted her best features that you would consider that wrong!? If a woman was wearing a bra that lifted and gave her great cleavage that’s “false advertising” and she therefore is immediately off the list of long term relationship possibilities? For shits sake, Q, and then you wonder why women are getting dangerous plastic surgery. We can’t wear a good bra without “misleading” you so I guess it’s time to go under the knife.

      I’ve had nothing done, and I don’t wear a push up bra or ass pad, I’m not heated about this for myself, I just couldn’t disagree with you more strongly. Like really really really kinda wanna go off on you. So…I’m gonna walk away.

      still love you…just kinda don’t like you right now. lol

      1. LOL! I don’t have a problem with a push-up bra. There’s nothing wrong with that. There’s a difference from enhancing what you have than faking something that you don’t have. A push-up bra is a far cry from stuffing a bra with Kleenex or socks. See the difference? Same with jeans. If they lift what you have naturally, then no biggie. Everyone sags when their clothes are off. But, if it gives you something that you did not have prior to putting those clothes on, then it’s false advertising to me.

        So, for the record, I don’t have a problem with push-up bras, conforming jeans or even Spanx for that matter. That’s enhancing what you already have. But, once you add something to your body that comes off at night when you go to sleep, then it’s something that should be disclosed, that’s all. If I had a hair piece or even false teeth, then I’d think it’s something a date would want to know about me before she sees a cup of water with some chompers in it. :)

        1. This comment actually clears a lot up for me. That is NOT the way you made it sound in the multiple chats nor in prior comments. My post specifically talked about flattering jeans and bras and NOT stuffing/padding. I completely agree that ADDING as opposed to ENHANCING is misleading and wrong.

          For the record though…being a hockey fan and having dated several guys who play hockey…I’m kinda used to the teeth in the cup of water. ;) Just saying. lol

  6. men are just little boys at heart they will kick and scream about being mislead but like you said they always come back. Funny thing is they will say this now but let them be with someone long enough and they will start fussing when you don’t get all dolled up, can’t win with them and you dang sure can’t shoot them.

    1. Oh, I don’t know about that. lol. There’s a lot of land up there in the Poconos. (totally kidding) You really can’t win. Don’t do enough and we’re not keeping ourselves up…do too much and we are “falsely advertising”. Luckily I just don’t have the energy nor desire to be anything other than me. What you see if what you get…but man it still annoys me.

  7. I don’t know where to start really I do not understand people wanting to change how they look such as Asian women wanting to change their eyes. Now when it comes to padding what can I say I have never felt the need to pad myself but that said I am not flat chested either……… Now if a man met a beautiful big breasted woman and found out in the throws of passion that she also had a big dick then he would have something to complain about………

    1. I have never padded as I’m chesty to begin with. I have NO ass. Like a negative ass…lol…and I don’t pad or do anything with that either. I am natural and don’t hide what I am. I’m not heated about this topic for myself but rather my shock at how justified these men felt they were in their outrage. Push comes to shove they don’t want a woman in unflattering clothes but if they wear flattering clothes that’s wrong. SMH (smack my head) you can’t have it both ways.

  8. First of all, I’m due to be a guest speaker on that show May 15th and THIS post has gotten me SOOOOO excited!!!! Secondly. Fucking hilarious. I’m sorry, but this isn’t the first time I hear about guys loudly huffing and puffing about this sort of stuff and it cracks me up. Can we just… give them a week with middle America as runway models? Here’s the thing: there’s nothing wrong with the way middle America looks.. but I highly doubt men would all, hands down, choose them over the enhanced, airbrushed versions.

    1. exactly. lol. I can’t wait for your show. It will probably be the next one I listen to. I’ve given up being the only chick listening in. I’m going to end up on blood pressure medicine!

  9. Ok…You’re right on some points. No guys want to be deceived like that. It would be like him buying a Lamborghini and upon getting it home and opening the hood realizing that it had a Ford Escort engine…or something like that. That probably wasn’t the best analogy but you get what I’m saying..Refer to that seen in I’m Gonna Get You Sucka..

    1. I’ve never seen I’m Gonna Get You Sucka. I just love that men are so entitled to this kind of judgement on a woman’s body. The standard of women on men’s bodies versus mens on womens is MUCH different. Paunchy men…still okay. Paunchy woman…hell no. The things we overlook in a man who we find intellectually stimulated and well rounded is ASTOUNDING but a woman “misleads” you with a good bra and suddenly she only qualifies to be a “jump off” because she “lied” to you and is therefore untrustworthy. For fucks sake! I have no words…well I do but none that are nice…so I’m going to walk away.

  10. Oh – fun, fun post and topic! Yeah…I never got any complaints wearing a short dress to show off my muscular legs or a push up bra to make it look like I had more upstairs then I really do. I seriously doubt any women are hearing complaints like that. I bet that was a hilarious call/chat to be on!

  11. I have never enhanced. I don’t believe in it. That is not to say that others shouldn’t. I don’t care it is their body. The butt lift spanx does intrigue me. To think all this time I’ve been exercising for a better booty! :sad:
    Men are odd creatures, that’s all I gotta say.

  12. I call BS! Men talk such a good game. When it comes down to it, they’re visual creatures {as are women} with the primary difference being a woman would kick a man out of bed if she discovered a man was being ‘fake’….where a man would just thank his lucky stars he got laid in the first place!

    1. Who knew!? I had heard of such things but you have to have a semblance of an ass for it to work…and I don’t (lol) so it is a moot point for me. I have fully embraced myself and what I don’t love I hit the gym to fix, not a surgeons table or Victoria Secrets. I agree with you.

  13. hmmm. Hate to say it but I sort of side with guys. But I must say, based on the pictures you posted, they are NOT talking about that. They’re talking about the woman who has no breasts whatsoever, and wears a super padded bra to make it look like she does – like 3 x bigger than what she is. or the person actually wearing a butt-pad, with NO ass at all. Those are costumes, people – not enhancements to what already exists. Find your sexiness with what you have an enhance accordingly. Don’t deceive.

    But I gotta say – dude… chicks are TOUGH for guys to figure out as it is. We gotta be authentic and work with who we are and what we actually have! Now, if we get a boob job, well then we actually have that on our body, now don’t we.

    Okay – let the fire and brimstone and all manner of hell break loose on me now. I know every other chick out there will disagree with me.

    1. I hear what you are saying and I agree that certain things are misleading but the ferocity of their rage did make me laugh. Even if a girl stuffs a bra she still has boobs and in the end boobs are boobs and men love em. They’re still not walking away from the chance to be with that woman. No fire and brimstone here. What I took from the blog radio chat and from their comments was that they regarded general measures to enhance attributes as trickery. I understand better now and have said as much. I still think it’s ridiculous BUT I agree they have a right to be bummed at being mislead though the outrage and the insinuation that she “lied” already and is therefore untrustworthy and unable to be anything more than a one night stand is a bit extreme to me.

  14. why would anyone care if there are some enhancements?

    guys are visual creatures…sexy ligererererie (sp) is imperative…at least in a long term relationship…

    sometimes i am ashamed of my brethren.

  15. Holy shit, that butt lift thing looks like the most uncomfortable piece of machinery ever!!! And this is coming from someone who wears corsets for fun!

  16. I would oppose these false advertisements simply because I’m a fan of natural beauty. Women need not make themselves up to catch my attention. I know bodies are not all perfect and boobies aren’t always perky and butts tend to get jiggly.

    In fact, for me anyways, the less a woman does to catch an eye, the more intrigued I become. Unless of course, they go grocery shopping in their pajamas and their hair is in a frizzy mess, then I might wish for a little “sprucing” up!

    1. You are opposing them for the right reason at least. I love that you prefer a natural looking woman (not the Kmart special though). I love getting dolled up but am a pretty laid back woman when it comes to makeup and clothing. I don’t use these “tricks” BUT I don’t see anything wrong with enhancing what you have through a supportive bra and the right pair of jeans.

  17. Yeah, those dudes need to just get over themselves. As you mentioned, almost EVERYONE does something to make themselves look better, even if it’s as simple as combing their hair. And I’m certain most people have a their own concept of a “line that has been crossed” when enhancement has gone too far (e.g. your comments on eye surgery and bone lengthening)

    If a woman wearing a wonder bra has caught your eye, and you’ve pursued, and then you have had the good fortune of getting her home and you are gazing upon her now naked and natural breasts… you really have nothing to complain about.

    1. Thank you for agreeing. I was honestly stunned at the guys getting so angry. Push up bras as false advertising or “lying”. I just don’t see it. Loved your comment. Thanks for reading and taking the time to leave it.

  18. You’re so right Jewel. False advertizing? What about all the crap they feed us on first dates (or seconds, or thirds) about how great they are in everything they do, how much money they make blah blah blah. They are the silly ones to drool over a well dressed woman who happens to know how to accentuate he assets. :roll: :mrgreen:

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