You Know Where I’ll Be

I’m passionate about a lot of things but there is one thing this time of year that gets my pulse up, gives me full body chills, has me screaming, groaning, moaning, and in a constant state of alertness. Playoff hockey.Β Anyone who knows me personally, follows me on twitter, or Facebook, or reads my blog with any kind of attention at all knows that I am a hockey fan. More importantly I am a Philadelphia Flyers fan which should come as no surprise as I’m smart, educated, and incredibly cool.

What does playoff hockey mean to a hockey fan, it means that if your team is still playing and not retired to the golf courses, that you are in heaven. Playoff hockey means no shoot outs, it means overtimes until one team wins, there are no ties, no easy outs, and no excuses. Playoff hockey is grit, passion, blood, sweat, and playing with season battered bodies and through aches and pains. Playoff hockey is where we separate the men from the boys. The cream rises to the proverbial top.

What does playoff time mean for a fan like me? It means that I plan my activities around game times. Want to go to the bar? They better have a TV where I can not only see but hear the game sufficiently or I will be staying home, going to a house party, or a sports bar. I will NOT miss a game. I will wear my orange nail polish, my Flyers gear, and I will talk about the team, game, injuries, and series to no end. I will watch any playoff game, in any series, to get an idea of how each team we could face is playing.

What does this mean for my blogs, friends, family, and life in general? Pretty much everything goes on hold. It means I read between periods, write between games, and accept phone calls only at these times as well. If you call me during play do not expect me to answer. If you text me during play it will not be read. Most know these rules and those that don’t get schooled quickly.

Want to watch the game with me? That’s fine but there will be no playing around, tomfoolery, or flipping channels during play. Do not attempt a serious conversation with me. Do not ask me to explain rules of the game during a Power Play or Penalty Kill (I’m not insane, I allow questions during regular play) but prefer you wait until a whistle blows and play stops or in between periods. Expect me to yell, throw my hands up, curse, cheer, and otherwise be loud and animated. Laughing at me for said actions are ill advised unless my team is in the lead.

Why write this post now? Because my beloved Flyers have made it past the first round, knocking out our much hated inner state rivals the Penguins…and we’re on to the next round. Game 1 against the Devils is on Sunday. My life right now is hockey. I will eat, sleep, and breathe it. I will lose sleep to watch west coast games and I will be driving you crazy on twitter with my hockey rants. So, my friends, though I have some very great posts scheduled to go up, an amazing feature at a new online women’s magazine, and a lot to still brag about…I will be in a hockey stupor for a bit. Forgive me so neglecting you but know that I love you all the same.

And I shall leave you with the Flyers victory song with some fights, goals, and great saves. Enjoy your weekend! πŸ˜‰

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32 thoughts on “You Know Where I’ll Be

    1. Football and I aren’t really friends. Give me hockey, baseball, lacrosse, etc and I’m in. I’m starting to enjoy football now but it’s going to be a long journey to any kind of passionate following of a team. Due to my insane love of hockey though I do understand that dedication and love of a sport.

  1. We promise not to abandon you in your time of distraction and start to cheat on you with other blogs.

    Well I might have a one night stand with The Bloggess, or maybe The Simple Dude, but I still love you and I will come home.

    I promise.

    1. I completely condone those affairs. You have a free 5 card so that’s two. You decide the other 3, let me know, and I’ll completely ignore those indiscretions. I appreciate your loyalty, love, and support of my insanity! πŸ˜‰

  2. Go Flyers! Screw the TV, you are such a super fan that you should be going to see them play in person!

    On the rare occasions one of our Minnesota sports teams make the playoffs I usually try to take in a game – playoffs are way more interesting than regular season.


    1. Thank you for calling me a super fan. I love the games whether they are playoff or regular season but there is something about those full period over times with no shoot outs that just bring life back into the game. It’s one of the main reasons I love playoff hockey! I wouldn’t count me out on making it to a game. :) I have connections.

  3. Your Flyers. My Devils. You’re going to hate me for the next week or so. I guarantee that you’ll send a hate tweet to me within the week.

    1. How do you get to call them “your” Devils when I didn’t see a single tweet or mention of hockey their whole first series? Ugh. I don’t “hate” tweet do I? Nah…passionately tweet maybe. πŸ˜‰

  4. Let em in! Let em in! Let em in!

    I’m thinking the Devils series is going to be just as crazy as the Pitt series. Time to dance with the devil

    1. Oh, it is going to be a good one for sure. With a legend in their net I don’t think we’re going to have as many chances to come back in high scoring games. I sure hope they are rested and ready.

  5. This post makes me oh-so-happy.

    It also makes me very sad that I have to watch most of the games while I’m at work. It makes me feel like I am not a true fan, but it is my first month in this new job, and I am kind of their bitch.

    And we are going to beat the Devils in 5, maybe 4.

    1. Glad I can make you happy with my insane fanaticism. You are crazy though…you know you are a true fan! Work gets in the way of viewing the games but not the passion for the team. No, worries, YMB, you’re still a great fan! From your lips/fingers to the hockey gods ears. It’s going to be another intense series for sure.

  6. good for your team! πŸ˜€
    you know i love hockey as well and…

    i can only be true to my REDWINGS team,


    thank god the bruins and that loudmouth idiot goalie tim dumbass were bounced out…

    however, the best news, (for me) is that punkass cindy crysby and the pengirls are OUT!

    i will admit to being a Flyers fan for that series!!! πŸ˜›

    just hope you can beat the detestable team from NY, on your way to the cup finals…

    good luck!

    the Chalice is the hardest trophy in all of sports and it is a grueling playoff, for fans as well…i definitely drink WAY TOO MUCH, during a long playoff run…

    and during the cup finals? faggeddaboutit…there is no such thing as sobriety on those game nights!

    tUcKeR wished to remind you that his team has been in the playoffs for 21 one straight years!


    has been in the cup finals 6 times and hoisted 4 cups, not a bad stretch, so allegiance will not be switched…


    1. Alright, alright. I was just offering Tucker an alternative…that’s all. :)

      I’d like to think that you could cheer on my boys from here on out but I won’t presume as much. You have NO idea how thrilled I was to have my team send the Penguins golfing. That kid gets under my skin so damn bad. As far as Thomas is concerned, yes, the guy is freaking obnoxious. I can’t put my finger on it but there is something about the guy I just really do not like. Couldn’t agree more.

      Hugs to you and Tucker.

  7. I don’t know what happened last night–VERY last work night–but we were ahead for so long and then I wake up this morning (I passed out cold from exhaustion when I got home) and we had lost by THREE? Sooo pissed!

    1. I don’t know what happened either. I was up and watching at my sisters and I was NOT happy about it. Tomorrow night will be a different story because I demand it to be and I have that kind of power. πŸ˜‰

    1. Aww you are sweet but this was a REALLY old post and there will most likely not be an NHL season this year. I’m WAY less than happy about it. :( I loathe football with all of my being so that’s out as a replacement and the way I hear it I wouldn’t want to watch this year anyway. Ugh…what to do.

    1. Since I have no love of football I can say GO PATS and not care. lol. I love that you say you’ll tune in but this was an older post…and BOOO BRUINS! πŸ˜‰ love ya still.

  8. I think I’m mad at you for reminding me that I should already be watching NHL hockey this year but I’m not. :(

    Aww, who am I kidding, I can’t stay mad at you! πŸ˜€ GO FLYERS! Down with Bettmann!

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